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Our team is dedicated to providing you with the latest in technical excellence, in a gentle, calming, and relaxed environment. The atmosphere here at our Milton Keynes clinic, reflects our style, creativity and meticulous attention to detail.

We love our work and it is important to us that you enjoy every aspect of your treatment experience. Through consultation we work with you to create bespoke solutions to meet your specific dental needs and achieve the comfort, fantastic smile and confidence you want.

You will receive specialist clinical expertise combined with the most sophisticated technology and attention to detail in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

The Milton Keynes Dental Practice always aim to deliver the finest care possible and look after you not just your teeth. We offer Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics including Invisalign, Dental Implants, Oral Surgery, Root Canal Treatments, Periodontal Treatments, Dentures, Cosmetic Dentistry and Tooth Whitening.

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Your Dental Examination Includes

We complete a Full Clinical Examination and take an extensive Dental Health History
A Full Oral Cancer Screening
A Written Itemised Treatment Plan
A Full explanation and discussion of All The Dental Care Options
An optional Free Orthodontic or Dental Implant Consultation with discussion of treatment options

We let you know any charges before you have treatment

Examination £25
Small Digital Xray £9
Large digital Xray £35
Antibiotics £10

We offer a full range of Dental Care

We welcome all patients

Maybe you want Sedation
Pehaps you just want Emergency Care Straight Away
Would you like a Nicer Smile
Pehaps you want to have your Teeth Cleaned
Would you prefer an Evening, Early Morning or Weekend Appointment
Pehaps you want a Second Opinion
Maybe you want Extra Special Care
Pehaps you want to be a regular patient
Pehaps you want Orthodontic Braces
Pehaps you want to replace a loose denture with Dental Implants


We offer a range of Consultations

Cosmetic Dentistry.
Tooth Whitening.
Orthodontic (Braces)

We have to say that without x-rays it is normally not usually possible to give any definitive treatment plan, and/or have any idea of what is going on under the teeth, and/or know what the condition of the periodontal structures are.

Therefore we encourage patients to bring any previous x-rays with them or we can, if needed, take them ourselves.

Consultation for Orthodontics

We offer a Free Orthodontic Consultation and at the end the patient will get a written treatment plan with choices and costings for treatment options.

Cost: £0.00

Patients pay £25.00 to make the appointment and the £25.00 deposit will then be is refunded on arrival for the appointment.

Consultation for Cosmetic Dentistry

This is with one of our senior dentists, either Monica or Gul, and you will have a full examination and get a written treatment plan at the end.

Cost: £65.00

Consultation for Periodontics

This is with either

Dr Monica Cueva Moya who has a Special Interest in Periodontics or
Dr Giovanni Marras whose practice is limited to Periodontics or
Dr Ezgi Cilingir whose practice is limited to Periodontics and Dental Implants.

Patients will have a full examination which normally takes 1 hour and get a written treatment plan at the end.

Cost: £95.00 with Giovanni and Monica (1 Hour)
Cost: £155.00 with Ezgi (1 Hour)

Some Patients need a shorter examination related to a specific problem such as a frenectomy which normally takes 30 minutes.

Cost: £75.00 with Ezgi (30 minutes)

Charges for Implant Consultation

£25 for the examination + the cost of any Xrays
For patients seeing
Dr Jaime De Castro Torres
Dr Alvaro (George) De Castro Torres.
Dr Ezgi Cilingir

Free Examination for any of our patients who have had a Full Dental examination at our practice in the previous 12 months (Jaime, George and Ezgi.)

£65 for the examination + the cost of any Xrays
For patients seeing
Dr Iyad Abou-Rabii (Practice Limited to Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

Free Tooth Whitening Consultations

We offer a free Tooth Whitening Consultation.

It is designed to assess if the patient is suitable for Tooth Whitening : not all patients are.

The Tooth Whitening consultation is normally with our Dental Hygienist.

Costs associated with Consultations explained

Small Radiographs £9.00 each if required
Large Radiographs £35.00 each if required
CT Scan Radiographs £95 if required