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Caring For the Children of Milton Keynes

Over the last 10 years our dentists have provided dental care for over 10,000 children.

Children have completely different needs to adults and we recognise that fact as the basis for providing care.

We offer exactly the quality of care that we would want our children to recieve. In addition we offer flexible opening times and easy access to the specialist services.

For parents who are looking for high quality care for their children we can offer exactly what they are looking for:

We offer a Range of Dental Care for children Including

Full Dental Examinations

Hygienist Visits 6 days a week

Fluoride Treatments

Fissure Sealants

Consultation with Orthodontist

Routine Dental Care

Easy Access to Sedation

Open Saturdays and Sundays

Early Morning and Late Evening Appointments

Choice of Male and Female Dentists and a Female Dental Therapist

Child Friendly Dental Examinations For Younger Patients

Most of our young patients come to the dentist every 6 months, often at the same time as their parents see the hygienist, but it all depends on the individual needs. It is often the case that parents will bring in their children in between visits for us to check something: Perhaps a loose tooth or a new tooth coming through which is crocked; we welcome this, and for short "In-between Visits" there is no charge.

At the examination we don't just count the teeth, but we check growth patterns and reinforce good oral hygiene habits as well.

Treatments for Dental Trauma

Everyday of the week we have at least one dentist who is experienced in the treatment of dental trauma. They are working at the surgery (not just on call!).

Being treated by an experience clinician is essential to the likely success of any treatment for trauma.

Whilst most trauma involves very little damage and can therefore be be easily corrected by a Bonded Tooth Coloured restoration we also treat some very serious trauma cases. We are seeing lots of cases of bicycle accidents recently.

We offer a full range of diagnostic Radiographic tools including CBCT scans.

Indeed we are the only practice in the area that offer this service

What To Do After Dental Trauma

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Orthodontics for Your Children?

Our Specialist Orthodontist offers a full range of Orthodontic Treatment.

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One Stop Dentistry

Patients like to feel that their dentist is part of a team of clinicians who together offer the full range of care all in the same practice.

Most patients have a range of dental issues, so for example we have dental hygienists working everyday. This enables us to offer combined checkups and Hygienist visits 6 days week.

Working within a large clinical team means that many of our patients get a second opinion and the oportunity to have dental care from a clinician with expertise related to their treatment

For example, we have have developed a Centre of Excellence for Orthodontic treatment, Root Canal Treatment and Implant treatments

We have invested in the latest facilities for modern dentistry.

In the last 2 years we have installed the very latest and safest digital Xray imaging sytem and the very latest digital microscopy.

Dental Materials are improving all the time, and those practice that are prepared to invest can offer treatments that were unimaginable a few years ago. That is why we are committed to offering the very latest materials.