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Cosmetic Fillings at
Milton Keynes Dental Care

We offer a choice of Composite, Ceramic and Amalgam Fillings. We use the very latest and best materials and we regular attend courses related to Cosmetic Dentistry. 95% of our fillings are now composite, about 4% ceramic and 1% Amalgam.

All our dentists have been trained to use the latest Dental Composite and Dental Adhesive materials.

Every year, just like computers, Dental Composite and Dental Adhesive materials, improve, and keeping up is essential if we want to offer our patients the best.

This why we are constantly using newer materials and techniques, and why we frequently go on post graduate courses and training sessions.

An example is shades. 5 years ago the number of Composite shades was about 1/4 of what we now use. Likewise the number and types of adhesives has multiplied.

Removing Stains/defects from Teeth With Icon Treatments

We are seeing an increasing number of patients with stains on teeth caused by medication, orthodontic braces and early decay. Often they are unsightly.

Icon Treatments in 3!!

No Drilling
No Injections
Quick and easy

Suitable for:

Post Orthodontic Treatment Stains
Developmental Enamel Defects
Early Non Cavitated Lesions

How is Icon Treatments done?

Watch You Tube Video of Icon Treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry In Milton Keynes

Cosmetic dentistry is simply good dentistry that focuses on not simply quality but also appearance as well.

Wherever possible we are always focused on the aesthetics.

We try to offer an holistic approach that considers not simply the "perfect Answer" but also an affordable answer too.

We also recognise that one of the biggest obstacles to achieving a successful cosmetic result is the inability/unwillingness of patient to maintain the result.

This is why our practice focuses on making sure our patients are able and willing to maintain whatever result they ask us to create.

We also recognise that some patients do need a "Jump Start" so a patient with major gum disease might be offered Destaining and Tooth Whitening as a start.

Same Day - Great Results

The patient can instantly see a better result which we find motivates them to better standards of personal dental hygiene which is the foundation of all successful "Gum Treatments" and "Smile Makeovers".

Same Day "Cerec" Crowns

We now offer same day "Cerec" Crowns, Bridges, Veneers and fillings. Same Day Ceramic Bridges, Crowns and Veneers

We have now added the very latest CEREC machine which allows us to provide Crowns, Bridges and Veneers the same day. It's even better than that! Your crown is available about 30 minutes after we finish the preparation and this means No temporary and No waiting

We offer "Same Day Cerec" Crowns, Bridges and Veneer restorations from £395 each

Crowns : Veneers : Bridges

We offer a full range of options for all needs and budgets.

We only offer private care and so do not have to compromise our standards.

It is the Patient who decides!!!!

We do not use simply the best ceramic and composite materials but also the very best bonding systems.

Ultimately you can only offer the best results if you use the best materials.

Some examples of Before and After

Some examples of Before and After

Some examples of Before and After

We offer affordable and high quality options for patients concerned about their appearence.

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