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The Milton Keynes Dental Imaging and Xray Centre

Our Radiology Imaging service is run by our Imaging Director: Dr Gul Azhar M.Sc.

We offer a First Class Radiology Service, combining highly skilled and experienced staff with the very latest low dosage x-ray equipment, in a safe environment.

We now provide radiology services to registered patients of most of the local Dental Practices.

We provide a copy of X-ray images on the same day, either by email or USB Stick.

Our fees are very competitive.

X-Rays and Radiation Protection

We use the very latest and safest X-ray equipment and films which ensure the lowest radiation exposure as well as producing films of excellent diagnostic quality.

All our staff receive regular and frequent training to ensure the best quality images and the safest radiation protection.

Getting Copies of Your X-rays

We encourage patients to have a copy of their Xrays, most patients have them emailed as soon as they are taken. Our Aim is for 100% of patients to get all their Xrays on the day they are taken. We can also send a copy by email on request.

The CT Scan Images are very large and patients get a USB stick before they leave. Patients can request us to send a USB stick by post or they can come in and collect them.

Copies of X-rays can only be obtained by the referring dentist or the patient themselves and can be done simply by:

Emailing us on
By post
At the reception in person

We have very strict Radiation Protocols and all our staff are very well trained to use the very best equipment. This ensures high quality images in a safe environment.

Intra Oral Xrays

Each of our Surgery Rooms has an intra Oral X-ray Machine and we also have the very latest Hand Held Xray which is very useful for patients who have restricted neck movements

All our Xray imaging is now all digital so is readily available and because there are no chemicals involved in the processing, are much more environmentally friendly.

Extra Oral Xrays We have the latest 3D CT Scanner which allows us to do.

3D Digital CT Scans
Digital Panorals
Wide Digital Bitewings

Dental Referals for X-rays

We welcome referals from professional colleagues.

Please use the referral form.

We offer a 7 day service and the images are normally returned within 24 days

Charges for X-rays on referral

Small Intra Oral £10.00
Panoral £35.00
CT Scan (1 area) £95.00
CT Scan (more than 1 area) (charge is based on individual patient and the Xrays done at the same time) £95.00
X-ray reports per image provided by us £50.00
X-ray reports per image provided by referring dentist Not applicable

X-Ray Downloads

Click to Download CT Scan Referal Pack
Click to Download Xray Referal Pack

Charges for X-rays for our own patients

Small Intra Oral £10.00
Panoral £35.00
CT Scan (more than 1 area) (charge is based on individual patient and the Xrays done at the same time) £95.00
CT Scan (more than 1 area) £95.00
X-ray reports per image included

We offer integrated 3D CT X-rays and Dental Implants.

Our 3D CT X-rays are just £95 each

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